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Australian Medical Sheepskin Overlay (M102)..by Shear Comfort

The Shear Comfort Medical Sheepskin Overlay is a select complete lambskin with a 30 mm dense pile for maximum pressure reduction. Measuring at least 92 cm long and 63 cm wide, it is large enough to protect the body from the shoulders to below the buttocks.Shear Comfort Overlays are effective in preventing and treating pressure sores because of their ability to reduce pressure, shear and skin moisture- the 3 major causes of bedsores.

Shear Comfort overlays are a lower cost pressure care solution that removes the discomfort and noise experienced with plastic based options, such as plastic air filled overlays or alternating pressure mattresses.

Authentic Australian Medical Sheepskins have a permanently imprinted stamp on the leather of the sheepskin. Shear Comfort stamps read:


Hitemp UR Stamp

They are guaranteed  for up to 50 washes in an approved sheepskin detergent; eg Woolskin

Shear Comfort Overlays were tested in a clinical trial at the Royal Melbourne Hospital ( Victoria, Australia)  where they reduced the incidence of pressure sores in patients by 58%. Most care givers find it useful to use 2 Overlays- one on the bed and the other in the Day Chair. This allows for 24/7 use when washing is needed.

HiTemp wash, Urine Resistant Sheepskins should be used for pressure care in the bed- place on the sheet and against the skin for maximum benefit. Being Urine Resistant, these are the only sheepskins suitable for incontinent users. All others will break down in the presence of urine.

Most effective if used 24/7. Transfer the Shear Comfort Overlay from the bed to the chair or use two or more.

Size: Approx: 92 x 63 cm = 25 x 38″ Large enough to protect the body from the shoulders to below the buttocks.


This Shear Comfort product is machine washable in an approved Sheepskin Shampoo & Conditioner. We recommend that you use Woolskin: Sheepskin Shampoo & Conditioner to clean and disinfect this Shear Comfort products Woolskin contains the natural fungicide and miticide..Tea Tree Oil, together with wool conditioning agents.


Washing should occur regularly to remove skin and dust particles etc. Washing will also disinfect the wool and reduce the chances of infection of open wounds. Clean up any spillage with a damp cloth before washing.

Use a Gentle or Wool cycle for slow limited agitation. This will reduce any felting of the wool.

Shear comfort products can be dried in the dryer using low heat and gentle agitation. Do not over-dry since wool performs best with 15% residual moisture.

Best care would be to Air- Dry. Products will last longer if not exposed to heat.

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