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Bedsore Prevention& Treatment

The terminolgy of Bedsores, Pressure Sores and decubitus ulcers recently changed to tisssue sores. No matter what you call them, these skin wounds should be prevented if at all possible. Pressure sores are painful, debilitating and life threatening if they become infected.

Australian Medical Sheepskins and Wool-Pile products have been successful nursing aids for the prevention of pressure ulcers ( bed sores) since the early 1960’s. After much use in hospitals and nursing homes, they went into disfavour because of washing problems. These washing problems were solved by the CSIRO in Australia. Researchers at the CSIRO developed a tanning process that allowed for machine washing at up to 80 oC and machine dry  up to 60 o C. and Urine Resistance. As a result, the Australian Medical Sheepskin (Australian Standard AS 4480.1 1998) was “born”. Only a few registered tanneries produced these..Shear Comfort was one of the first.

The value and comfort of Australian Medical Sheepskin products is derived from the springy 30 mm wool fibres of these specially tanned sheepskins. With a very high wool fibre density- approximately 12-14000  fibres per square inch); these soft, springy resilient wool fibres create a cushion that distributes body weight and pressure points over a large area. Each fibre acts as a “mini-spring” that will deform to a body contour; particularly at pressure points.

Unlike other fibres, wool can absorb moisture up to 33% of its weight; without feeling wet. The wool fibres wick moisture away from the skin, keeping it dry- an important consideration for bed sore prevention. The wool pile surface also reduces friction and skin tearing; making Shear Comfort Overlays ideal for people confined to bed or wheelchair. The properties of Shear Comfort Overlays provide improved comfort for the patient and reduction in the primary causes of bedsores, pressure sores and decubitus ulcers:

* Pressure

* Friction

* Moisture

Medical sheepskins of the past have been used very effectively in the home environment, but were not generally used in hospitals. This was largely because many patients were incontinent and sheepskins did not hold up in these circumstances. Similarly, disinfection was a problem since sheepskins could only be washed in warm water.

Today, the deficiencies of previously available medical sheepskins have been solved. As of 1998, a new standard of Medical Sheepskin was introduced by Standards Australia. The CSIRO, in partnership with industry, developed new technologies that produced the : “Australian Medical Sheepskin ( Australian Standard AS 4480.1 1998)”. Our Shear Comfort Overlays exceed this standard.

The Australian Medical Sheepskin Standard: AS4480.1 1998. This specifies requirements for the tanned sheepskins and lambskins that have medical and institutional uses. Australian Medical Sheepskins minimize the incidence, severity and duration of pressure ulcers ( bedsores and decubitus ulcers) by decreasing friction, pressure and humidity at the points of contact between the patient and the bed or chair.

Shear Comfort sheepskin products meet or exceed AS4480.1 1998 and have the following properties:

  • well trimmed and pre-washed
  • homogeneous wool pile of uniform length and density, well-defined staple and crimp, straight to light curl in appearance, free from pilling and vegetable matter. Wool shall not be felted.
  • leather is free from excessive natural fat and grease, free of faults, symmetrical. Can be further processed to give increased urine resistance and labelled accordingly. Leather shall not give off any pungent or rancid odour.
  • HiTemp wool colour must be Medical Green
  • Hitemp UR StampHiTemp UR Stamp
  • Wool fibre diameter shall be 26-34 µm and be 25- 30 mm long
  • Flatness- at all times, the product should lie flat on a horizontal surface with minimum curling around the edges.
  • HiTemp Medical Sheepskins must have a minimum shrink temperature of 110 C and should not decrease more than 5 C after 5 wash cycles.
  • Must be colourfast

Australian Medical Sheepskins are now available from Shear Comfort for USA and Canada.

Shear Comfort Overlays– Highest Quality available anywhere: GREEN and the BEST.

These specially selected fine wool sheepskins are chosen because of their very high pile density and wool characteristics. They have been specially tanned to enable washing up to 80 C and drying up to 60 C. These numbers are important for sheepskin and wool disinfection; an important consideration for clients who already have bed sores. The letters UR designate that the skin has increased resistance to urine; making them suitable for incontinent patients. Sheepskins without this UR stamp ( see above ) will break down in the presence of urine. Urine will cause the leather to crack and the wool will fall out. Use in the bed and wheelchair 24-7,all year; for maximum benefit.

HiTemp UR Shear Comfort Overlays are FDA approved Medical Devices.

Sheepskin Type Shear Comfort Overlays: M102
Price US $195.50
Catalogue # M102 ….. BEST…. Exceeds “Australian Standard AS4480.1 1998”
Special Features Machine washable in hot water. Dry in dryer until nearly dry and then place upside down on drying rack. HiTemp washability for disinfection. Extra dense wool pile. Used in hospitals for bedsore prevention. Only sheepskin suitable for incontinent client use- Urine Resistant. 30mm pile.
Colour Medical Green
Detergent Wash with Sheepskin Shampoo & Conditioner with Tea Tree Oil” or Woolskin
Size 38″ – 42″ long x  28″ – 30″ wide

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Buying a Shear Comfort Overlay means that you have the best available. It will give lasting bedsore prevention, and can be laundered safely ( up to 50 times during C.S.I.R.O laundry trials and more than 200 times when washed with Sheepskin Shampoo & Conditioner to achieve the high level of disinfection demanded by hospital infection control standards.

Disinfection levels and washability is increased even more with the use of  Sheepskin Shampoo & Woolwash . This detergent conditions the sheepskin leather with continued use, while cleaning and disinfecting the wool.

M102 Shear Comfort Overlay

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