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Pressure Sore & Medical Sheepskin Research

There are a lot of testimonials and claims for product benefits on the web. Most are testimonials that have not been proven by scientific testing.

Here we include a number of scientific references that show what is known as a result of research: Click on any of the following research titles below to see the research.

1. Preventing pressure ulcers with the Australian Medical Sheepskin: an open-label randomised controlled trial.

This is the original clinical trial used to determine the effectiveness of the Australian Medical Sheepskin (AS4480.1)

2. Support surfaces for pressure ulcer prevention.

How effective are different pressure-relieving surfaces in preventing pressure ulcers, compared to one another?

3. Beds, mattresses and cushions for pressure sore prevention and treatment.

It is impossible to determine the most effective surface for either prevention or treatment of pressure sores..

4. Medical Sheepskin Overlays

ShearComfort Excels when compared to other Overlay products:

Click on this study which compares 3 functional tests of many Overlay products now in the market place.

5. Prevention of Pressure Sores through Skin Care

Spinal cord injuries and pressure sore prevention is discussed.

6. Quality Indicators for Pressure Sore Management.

Extensive discussion of pressure sore prevention and treatment.

7. Wool Allergy

There is no evidence that wool allergy exists. Some people are allergic to lanolin. Lanolin has been removed in all Shear Comfort products.