Medical Sheepskin or XD?

Medical Sheepskin or XD?

Shear Comfort produces 2 product lines of wool products. One is made from authentic Australian Medical Sheepskin; the other is made from Merino wool that has been shorn from the sheep and knitted into a backing material. The latter is called: Pressure Smart XD1900. The name is derived from the fact that the product is Extra Dense to the extent that it weighs at least 1900 grams per square meter.

How do the 2 product types compare?

Australian Medical Sheepskin                                 

Pressure Smart  XD1900


Medical Green

Royal Blue

Sizes 28” x 38” – Sheepskin Overlay (M102)

30” x 60” – Superior Overlay (SC104)



26” x 40” – XD Overlay (M102XD)

18” x 20”- Cushion-It XD (M105XD)

12” x 26” – Pressure Care Assist XD (M103XD)

30” x 60”- Superior XD Overlay (SC104XD)

Wool Pile Height

30 mm

30 mm


Tanned leather – feels like chamois


Wool Fibre



Surface Feel

Soft and silky

Not as silky

Fibre Diameter

 28-35 microns

28 – 35 microns

Pile Density

Approx.. 1400 grams per square metre  (gsm)

More than 1900 gsm


Machine wash on Gentle in Woolskin

Machine wash on Gentle in Woolskin

Recommended Air Dry

Machine dry at low heat and gentle agitation

Pressure Reduction


Greater than Sheepskin because there are more wool fibres per square inch of surface in contact with the body.


Up to 50 washes in Woolskin

Up to 50 washes in Woolskin

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