Wool..the miracle fibre, has been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries. This is because of the unique properties of the wool fibre. A scanning electron microscope shows that the wool fibre has an outer surface layer¬†of scales- see left. These scales protect the inner core of the fibre and are also the cause of felting, whereupon fibres wrap around one another. These fibres are disinfected and conditioned when they are washed in Woolskin. Wool fibres of Merino sheep are fine..ie they have a low fibre diameter and have a distinct ripple or crimp. The crimp provides fibre elasticity that is important for pressure reduction.Read More →

Washing of sheepskin is dependent on the tanning processed used to preserve the hide. Not all sheepskins are washable. Those that are washable have been specially selected and then chrome tanned. If a sheepskin has not been chrome tanned it will probably be damaged as a result of washing. The story is not just this simple. If a sheepskin is not washable, it can probably be effectively dry¬†cleaned. If the sheepskin is washable, it can be safely washed in warm water with a sheepskin detergent to disinfect and condition the wool and leather backing. The best detergent is the one developed in Australia by theRead More →